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Novatis is a dynamic communication web agency specialized in website design and Intranet project (website creation, graphic design, marketing, advice, web indexing…) with a strong and creative component. Our mission is to offord to companies and all types of organizations, both relevant and long lasting graphic as well as web solutions. NOVATIS, carefully follows your project evolution eventhough after the online posting. Read more…

NOVATIS offers to each one the possibility to have a benefit from a communication strategy that manages an intense coming back to the investment field. The carefulness taken to your brand image and the relevant of the advertising actions strongly implemented, increase your business volume. As Advertisement is a powerful tool of marketing, NOVATIS suggests professional advertising solutions specifically adapted to your own situation and your company’s objectives… Lire la suite…

NOVATIS had been the dream of a computer science student. To start realizing it, he began by realizing his own website as well as for his relatives, to finally succeed in putting all his don and creativity in this agency. Being founded in 2009, NOVATIS, has been a multidisciplinary agency specialized in interactive solutions, website design, e-commerce, multimedia, flash animation, all types of strategic internet and graphic design marketing. Read more…

Of course your website owes being pleasant to look at, it has to be convivial, simple of use and especially allure your public Thanks to the targeted graphics and well thought features. NOVATIS is also committed guiding you in each stage of website creation, with an aim of being your best experienced supplier. Indeed your website creation is for sure the assumption of responsibility taken by qualified and multidisciplinary team who master the challenges of a successful web design business. You can rely on Our experts to make your new web creation a strategic advantage to your rivals.

Our team



Sales Manager
I have always been skilled at sales, in my job. I infuse a strong amount of persuasion and enthusiasm through my professional daily reports to make of our customers our partners in success. Our relation is especially founded on a pact of mutual trust which engages me heart and soul!

Honesty is my currency; nothing can be built in a long-term customer relation without honesty and understanding from both sides.

To anticipate the needs in order to well satisfy them is a whole strategy which I thoroughly weave with much respect for our cutomers.


Sales Manager
I am a positive and an optimistic pe rson.

Stress ?

It is all a question of energy! The stress in my job is a positive thing because it stimulates me. My capacity to listen actively and attentively to our customers enables me to see beyond their expectations.

I am in perpetual search for new partners because it is the-everyone-is-a-winner spirit that one advances and our success story will be written with yours.


Executive Assistant
Impassioned by the web journalism, writing, high tech advices and the social networks, I belong to the team of Novatis as an executive assistant.

To be the arm of the leader of the agency, his closest collaborator and its trustworthy person; it is the challenge which I carry out each day with much love for this multi-tasks job.

The spots vary but the goal does not change: never let things unfinished!


Web developer
When a client entrusts to me the website project, I conceive initially the technical architecture of the site and then I mainly undertake to adapt one or more parts of the adopted technical solution.

The continuous evolution of the technical solutions in the web development field makes me commit to follow innovation. But I remain always concentrated on my main aim: to deliver a website without faults to our customers.


It has been already 10 years that I wrote the 1st lines of code of my very first website. And my passion is always intact.
The challenge which I do like?
To design and produce sexy and powerful websites, to adapt to a web universe that is reinvented permanently, and which give the obligation to learn each day from new technologies, of new uses.

Within the agency, my role is to guide our customers and the team in completion of projects well thought well and well produced.
Our receipt : council + expert testimony +methodology + commitment.
We made a team of consultants; creative and experienced developers whose obsession is to produce each day of quality.

Our next challenge ?
What about yours ?


Web developer
The data-processing culture and Web are important for me because it enables me to better apprehend the evolution of new technologies.

It can be a question of a website, web applications or tools online. My goal is to develop web interfaces adapted for our customer.

What I like in my trade is the fact that it is not at all repetitive. The missions which are entrusted to me are often varied and justifying.


Web developer
Charged with developing Web applications varied from simpler to most complex, the evolution describes my sphere of activity.

What gives me ideas to search innovation ?

I have some great ones daily. To create an application is a true adventure of discovery!

The ultimate objective of my job is to facilitate the digital experiment of our customers.


Web designer
My great curiosity and my artistic sensitivity guided me towards this job which I adore.

I see each project like a challenge. The whole idea is to find the best medium between the technical esthetics and possibilities.

The graphic design is an extravagant adventure of which one thousand designs pass through my head to finally decide one design suiting the image of our customer, elegant, professional and unique.


It makes just a bit more than one year since I have worked here, and during this period I was lucky enough to learn a cool tricks of Linux fanatics, PHP Gurus and Java script experts

, I used those knowledge for my different clients and projects, which allowed me to increase existing services and to consider further projects that I had never done before.

Innovation that I am looking for in my career ,is reflected in my work.


Web developer
Web Developing is a profession full of creativity and novelty. Therefore, practice is my source of motivation.Completing successfully my assignments is my inspiration to continue conquering other challenges.Being a web developer at Novatis awakens my sense of collaboration and my passion for teamwork towards our collective goal which is your satisfaction.


Marketing and Communication Manager
Innovation and creativity are my tools. My passion for languages and the human contact motivate my communication. I am sociable and dynamic.Simply, I hate the routine hopefully my job is far from being monotonous.I am the Marketing and Communication Manager with team Novatis.
At your service!


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